Stars and moon portray the God is omnipresent. Leaves and lotus is a sign of prosperity. The eyes are closed which is a meditation form and wearing a white robe, depicts auspicious time, bringing this design at home you will experience pure ecstasy.

Dimensions: 0 x 0 Sq. ft.
Weight: Kgs
Color: yellow
Brand: Holy Series
Installation time: 3 days
Amount: 0.00per sq/ft.
Custom Size: Width x
  • Being self-adhesive so no extra glue is required.
  • Effortless as it is a bubble free technology, no dullness due to color resistance and color fastness.
  • All weather friendly max. 50o technology, easily washable, fire resistance and durable.
  • Environment friendly as lead and nickel free, cancer free.
  • All this with 2 years of warranty
  • Thickness of sheet:165 Microns

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