New Dimensions

Our company basically provides a unique design, we basically tend to work on individual choices and their preferences. The target is not only selling a design but also to satisfy the needs of clients. In this world there are different type of people and have different mindset, according to this we innovate the designs and structure. For example we present design which can be used in Mandir, meditation room, children room, glass designs, 3D walls, 4Dwalls, marriage walls etc. Every design that we promote creates its own different atmosphere where it makes people happy and contented. The area of branding that have an intense impact on the customers is your interior space and is known as an environmental branding and our New Dimension provides environmental branding. As its own space give lot of opportunities to connect with the customers. Environmental branding specially starts with brands foundational elements. Branding projects basically is built up to get vision of the event branding and what clients actually want. Our goal is to ensure brand design elements, mission values and over all foundation and putting effort to give the best. Environmental branding also helps in making a smart home with its exclusive layout and patterns. The shine of the paints might fade away but the environmental branding will remain the same. Therefore through environment branding one can change the culture and designs of the surrounding. We also provide some different types of metallic sheets so as to decorate the rooms and surfaces of the wall as well. These metallic sheets are not only used on wall or roof it can be used in either ways like covering up designs on floor and decorating in transparent glasses. The warmth of copper and grass shades are easier to incorporate at home and people tend to link them to the tenderness it brings. Our organization brings forth an extensive collection, splendid and unmatched flooring solutions that are designed following the latest market trends, these aesthetic solutions are open to alternate choices as per the requirements of our prospective clients. Pertaining the range of our clients we offer every type from high to low range. We always give premium quality materials, efficient planning and quality color combination. Our company gives the finest branding, we never stand still and we always try to constantly come with new ideas, finding out creative designs and maintain the high level of standard. Our brand is an in house agency, we apply strategic thinking over making wall live designs and home decors. Our website showcases the premeditated designs that work really well for our clients. From colorful wall treatment ideas to pro technique designs for hanging pictures on the wall and discovering to make new renovations everything you’ll find on our website. Picture any room in your house and we can guarantee, the walls of your house will make you feel like your dream house. We spend our time fussing with our thematic styles and try to give the impactful image that suits you to the best. Paint walls decor is a hue vibrant and it instantly make you feel alive when you see your room is full of brightness and filled with colorful surroundings. White walls are boring now a days, example white walls are your reality just because you’re in a rental apartment or you simply prefer more subdued color scheme - consider the effect of picture frame is molding and a perfectly hung wall gallery and then you can imagine there are endless possibilities to decorate your wall and this is how New dimension gives eccentric beauty at your home. Our wall designs and the entire home interior designing that we have presented in the website will give you an inspiration you need to get for your home improvement projects within no time. We gratify the changing taste and choice of bungalows interior design solutions and provide them with latest trends. The decor is designed in a sophisticated manner that brings life to the ambience of the house.


We are here to help you out, to give your space a personal touch and extra love by transforming your room. Photos into stunning wall art by using our design wall tool and decors. Make a coral painting and put some textures or give some metallic stroke to your wall frames and many more designs that glorify your walls.


All we do is to give you what you desire for your homely environment, every corner of space at home is an chance to add a visual interest on it, whether with an eye catching patterns or a romantic hand painted mural, so here we what we do is to put up designs by measuring the surface area of walls with the shapes and sizes, then accordingly we try to portray the exclusive designs that also helps the clients which is good for them. Paint and designs are just as the color of life, nobody likes grey color life so if you splash some wonderful color life goes on happily same as when you put up some colors in empty walls it completes your home.


Now when it comes to our service, we try to provide the finest servicing. This is an in-house production and so everything that we ensure is completely an original piece. We give each and every detail thoroughly from top to bottom. A team of experience and ingenious designers sort out the complete designing plan and execute them to an improvised version. We keep in mind the specification of our clients and provide the servicing according to that. Our agency provides international standard designs and always tries to give the exclusive look. This workstation is designed under the supervision of creative team. At the time of executing our services, we make sure that the products we cater are extracted from super raw material quality.